Week 16

My update for the week ending on 23rd April, 2022.

Personal Website

I decided to change the Hugo theme I was previously using to something better. If you are reading this, then welcome to my new theme.

Ghosts of Co-Workers Past

Mr. K reached out again for what would be the third time in 4 weeks. He wanted some help with his gmail account. The details are too confidential to share so I’d just leave it at that.

T called. Their SAP production server is down. Something about a faulty hard disk. They do not have a backup, which is a bit ridiculous to say the least. I advised they take out the faulty hard disk and slave to another machine. Run a checkdisk to identify fand hopefully rectify fault. I expect some feedback this coming week.

New German words/phrases I learned on Duolingo

  • Beamter/Beamtin - Civil Servant
  • Zufrieden - Content
  • Geschichte - History
  • Hässlich - Ugly
  • Auch - Also

TV Series

These are the TV shows I currently follow:

  • The Good Doctor S05 E15
  • Moon Knight S01 E04 - The episode ended weirdly but I’m curious to see what happens next week.