Hi! I’m Benny and I am a Technical Support Specialist and budding Cloud Engineer with over six years of experience and expertise in providing enterprise-level technical support and infrastructure workload administration. I am a Certified Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate and a Google IT Support Professional.

I am very support-oriented with a real desire to help people fix their problems and can be obsessively relentless when dealing with difficult technical challenges. I also enjoy the satisfaction that comes with ‘demystifying a puzzle’. These traits make me a very good troubleshooter and problem-solver.


I can offer well-developed skills in conceptualizing and implementing technological solutions across multiple OS platforms. I have been able to show time and again my ability to effectively handle up to L3 support cases for both onsite and remote teams while focusing on improving business processes and delivering the best end-user experience.


I desire to pivot a little from supporting end-users and on-prem infrastructure to building on my experience implementing, optimizing and supporting cloud-based infrastructure, products and solutions. If members of your team can work from anywhere in the world, I would like to be part of your team. I am open to Technical Support Engineer | Infrastructure Engineer | Cloud/DevOps Engineer roles in the EMEA zone. I am also open to discussing offers that come with relocation packages.

You can check out my resume here to know more about my professional experience.

Email me: hi@benny.com.ng

I’ll be writing about what I got done each week and publish to this website every Sunday in a post. The first post will be out on the 10th of April, 2022. Click on the “WIGDTW” menu to read.