I took part in The Cloud Resume Challenge to build and host a copy of my resume in the cloud, on Azure. I wrote about it on medium and you can check it out here.

Here, I used and learned about Azure Functions, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Storage Account and GitHub Actions.

What do I benefit from having done this project? - I make updates to my resume locally and deploy without having to log in to my GitHub or Azure accounts. CI/CD at it’s finest! :)


I initially built this website on wordpress but wasn’t very impressed with the speed with which it was serving up pages. I noticed that static html pages on my web host loaded much quicker than wordpress’ php pages.

I do not quite remember how I stumbled upon Hugo, a static web generator and world’s fastest framework for building websites. These are not my words, it says exactly that on their website. But, it is true what they say, Hugo is fast, and quite easy to set up.

I published my Hugo site to Azure Static Web Apps, with GitHub as a repository, and I get to easily push updates from a local clone of my repo. Easy peasy :). You can learn how to do the same here.